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Lead and love like the visionary that you are

Business Mentor

Relationship Expert

Thought Partner

Lead and love like the visionary that you are

Restorative Business Check in

This mini workbook is designed to help you re-assess your business’s future and day-to-day needs from a lens of energetic sustainability.

Hi, I’m Theora

As your business grows, you often find yourself stuck in a managerial role when you really feel the most alive as a leader and visionary.

I want you to get to experience more of the passion and inspiration that got you into business in the first place.

Your business should not be a source of exhaustion, self-doubt, or anxiety.
Your business can and should be a source of energy, conviction, and a relaxed nervous system!

Meet Theora

For the last 6+ years, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs do just that.

Simplify. Reimagine. Redesign.

So that you experience more excitement and ease in the daily leadership of your business.

If you’ve been thinking, “I need to work smarter, not harder”, then you are in the right place.

I can’t wait to support you in your next level of expansion.

Let’s rock and roll,


You Contain Multitudes

A podcast for the multi-passionate lover of life whose curiosity drives them to care deeply about many facets of living.
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On this podcast, we explore what it means to intentionally love, live, and succeed on your own terms while exploring many of the things that make being on this planet so spectacularly interesting.

Like you, this podcast is driven by curiosity and passion. In a mixture of fascinating interviews and one-woman broadcasts, we dive into all kinds of rabbit holes. Everything from intentional relating and entrepreneurship, to plant medicine and space exploration, to spirituality and activism, and so much more.

You deserve an existence that fulfills upon your wildest dreams and the first step is claiming the reality that you really do contain multitudes.

There are two ways I love to be of service

There are two ways
I love to be of service

Business Coaching

Mindful Business
Mentorship & Consulting

Mentoring entrepreneurs so that they experience more ease and flow as they grow and can feel supported by their businesses rather than drained by them.

Relationship Coaching

programs & Support

Helping single and partnered people master the art of intentional relating so that they can experience more intimacy, passion, and fulfillment in their romantic lives.

Thought Leadership and Creative projects

If you’re a polymath like me, you’ve lived many lives and have creative dreams of all shapes and sizes.
I am a writer, activist, podcaster, performer, and filmmaker.
Here you will find the blog, film projects, thought pieces, and other creative projects that I am proud to share with the world.

Client's results

Restorative Business Check in

As your business’s leader, your energy directly impacts your ingenuity, your capacity for growth, and your ability to lead. Your business needs you to thrive.

This audit will help identify energy leaks and ways to restructure your work so that you feel nourished rather than depleted by your work.

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I adore collaborating with Theora for a number of reasons. As a business owner, I don’t often have mentors and guides that I tap into to help elevate my thinking and operations. I have a supportive community and an incredible team, but not a lot of people who can dance in the strategy and nuance of my offering. Theora is that person for me. Twice now, in very different chapters of my business, I have tapped into a coaching/consulting relationship with Theora to go to work on my most pressing developmental hurdles. She does a great job of understanding the world of my business and offerings; listening for my needs (both unspoken and those that require some reading between the lines); reflecting what is working and what is not working; and helping me generate strategy around how I communicate and manage my business according to my own version of success. She has taught me how to refine my client lead generation tools so that I’m getting better matches and more delicious working relationships. She has helped recalibrate my decision-making filters to pursue opportunities and ideas that are more nurturing to my nervous system. She has helped me reframe some of my people management mindsets to sustainably grow my team and my capacity as a leader. She shows up to each session open to what is top of mind for me and tracking that against the overall objectives we lay out for our working relationship, which helps me feel organized and in a state of forward progress. 

Four months ago, I would have told you I was fighting a deep state of denial around burnout, especially when it came to client mismatches and self-imposed systems that simply weren’t working for me anymore. Theora was just the guide I needed to recalibrate my business to my current needs, my growth goals, and my vision for the future. In the four-month period we just completed I have seen the quality of my leads blossom; I have seen my team positively respond to my requests and invitations to grow the company and their role in it; I have seen the expansion of my creative capacity and my ability to delegate ideas to my team; and I have connected to a peaceful state of time management that allows me to identify and pursue energy rich opportunities for my business. I have begun to break bad leadership habits, like providing too much support to my team in a manner that fosters co-dependence or stamps out creative problem-solving. I have begun to value my time more highly and accurately and build systems that allow me to generate income while also shifting my active bandwidth towards the roles and responsibilities that light me up most. Most importantly, I feel excited and confident about the year ahead, which sits right in the space of aligned and ambitious. For me, there is no other business consultant that I value more highly, and I have made it part of my annual strategy to work with Theora to identify and implement upgrades to my business.

Kate Faoro -Wright

Founder & Creative Director