Your “Restorative Business Check-In” workbook is on its way to your inbox as we speak.

You are now one step closer to breaking your bad hustle habits.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, it takes a lot of energy and work to get a company off the ground. Once it’s going though, we often forget to adjust the way we are showing up.

We get stuck in Startup-Hustler mode, and can find ourselves wondering,

when does it get ever easier?

If we don’t learn how to change leadership gears as our businesses evolve, we find ourselves tired, bogged down by tasks that keep us busy, and spending less and less time in our zones of genius and creativity.

As our businesses grow, it’s important that we learn what it means to show up sustainably from the inside out so that we can be healthy leaders, stay connected to what inspires us, and evolve with the maturation of our business.

This Restorative Business Check-In is a solid start to stepping into your next chapter of growth with confidence, clarity, and energy.

If you love the check-in and it would feel supportive to have someone guide you through an energy audit and strategy overhaul, consider booking a Mindful Business Strategy Sessions with me! 


We’ll do a souped-up version of this audit and map out your next 4 months so you can relax into a timeline and game plan that feel restorative to your nervous system. It’s designed to be a stand-alone call but you’ll also have the option to decide at the end if you’d like to work together and receive support to implement what you’ve learned over those following 4 months.