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Give your audience an entirely new perspective on two of the most important things in their life: their work and their relationships
Want to give your audience an evocative, affirming, inspiring,“light bulb” experience that will stick with them long after your event?

Want to introduce them to uplifting perspective shifts and actionable tools which help them integrate and connect more deeply to your content?

I speak and present at live events to audiences ranging from 10 to 500, including private retreats, mastermind events, entrepreneur’s conferences, YPO forums, summits, seminars, and in-house company programming. I’m available for podcast interviews, equity-centered summits, guest teaching in your group programs, and speaking as a panelist.

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Love and Relationship:

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Restorative Business Check in

As your business’s leader, your energy directly impacts your ingenuity, your capacity for growth, and your ability to lead. Your business needs you to thrive.

This audit will help identify energy leaks and ways to restructure your work so that you feel nourished rather than depleted by your work.

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