Make more art…
Make your art…

Whatever you make, please make it

If you’re like me, you are lit up by expressing your creativity in more than just one lane.

I’m sharing my creative projects here for a few reasons...

So that you can get to know me better.

You’re on my website and trying to suss out the kind of person, collaborator, and mentor I am and the more you get to know me, the better you’ll be able to judge if working with me feels right to you.

To give you free access to cool stuff.

I bold goal of mine is to transform lives whether people work with me or not. I am a prolific creator and I want to make sure that whether you decide to work with me or not, my work is positively impacting your life. That way, when you reach out to connect, you do it knowing I can help you, because I already will have!

I believe that our art gets to be just as important as our “professional successes”.

We build our businesses not only to add incredible value to the world, but often because we want to empower ourselves to be more free to do the other things we love. This is me walking that talk and showing you that you get to have a robust, artistic life within and beyond the sphere of your work, if you so desire.


I’m a prolific writer tackling subjects that range from relational intelligence to sustainable business, motorcycle culture to foraging for mushrooms, exploring anti-capitalism to living a devotional life…

Let this be a rallying cry that helps you have the courage to step out of any boxes the world has asked you to try to fit inside of. Make what you love making in all the ways you love making it!

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Film is an enduring love of mine. I’m a writer, actor, producer, and writing editor and in 2015, I cofounded a 501(c)3 Film Collective in Portland, OR to elevate minoritized voices in film. While I no longer serve on the board, I still love making cool projects with colleagues and friends.

Here are a few that I am particularly proud of:

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